Arc length formula
The arc length formula which is explained on this page, is used in calculus to find the length of a graph on a given domain. This page contains an explanation about it and provides some exercises in order to get familiar with the formula. The formula for calculating the arc length is as follows: Arc length formula In some cases, you might want to use integration by substitution to solve the integral.
The length of a circle segment with angle α (degrees) and radius r can be calculated with this formula: Circle arc length
  1. Given is a circle segment starting at -10°, ending at -25° and diameter 3. Calculate the length of the arc.
  2. What is the length of the the line y = 35x, given that 2 ≤ x ≤ 10?
  3. Calculate the length of the line y = 5x3/2 starting at x = 0 and ending in x = 3.
  1. 2π (15/360) 1.5 ≈ 0.393
  2. Arc length exercise
  3. Arc length formula