Diameter of a circle
Diameter of a circle The diameter of a circle is the "width" of the circle. It is twice the radius. The circle circumference is the diameter (d) multiplied by pi. The area of a circle is 1/4*pi*d2.

Sometimes there is referred to the inside or the outside diameter, in the case of a steel bar for example. The wall thickness equals half times the difference between the outside and the inside diameter.

  1. The diameter of a circle is 8. How much is the radius?
  2. What is the diameter of a circle with radius 20?
  3. The surface area of a circle equals 227. What is the diameter?
  4. What is the diameter of a circle with circumference 628?
  5. A steel bar has outside diameter 23, and the wall thickness is 2. Calculate the inside diameter.
  1. Radius it half the diameter; it is 4.
  2. 40
  3. Multily it by 4, divide it by pi and take the square root; 17
  4. The diameter is the circumference divided by pi; 200.
  5. The inside diameter is the outside diameter minus two times the wall thickness; 23 - 2*2 = 19.

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