Distance formula
The distance formula is used in math and physics to find the distance between two points. This page contains an explanation about it at provides some geometry exercises which you can use as a worksheet. The formula for the distance calculation is as follows: Distance formula
This formula can be proven with the Pythagoras theorem. Imagine a right triangle with the hypotenuse between the two points, and the other two sides parallel to the x and the y axis. Distance formula proof Pythagoras
3D distance formula
The distance between two points in a space can be calculated with this equation: 3D distance formula
  1. Calculate the length of a line starting at point A(5,8) and ending in B(10,11).
  2. What is the circumference of a triangle with corners A(-2,-1), B(1,3) and C(2,-1)?
  3. A line starts in point A(4,-3). It ends in point B, where y = 6. Point B is on the left side from A. The distance between the points equals 12.37. Give the coordinates of point B.
  4. Given are point R(15,18,3) and S(4,7,0). Use the distance formula to calculate how far the points are from each other.
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