Process Engineering
Batch reactors, plug flow reactors and continuous stirred tank reactors are being used to mix liquids together. With the corresponding formulas, things like the conversion, concentration and residence time (residence time) can be calculated.
Batch reactor (BR)
The liquids stay in a closed tank for a certain time in which a impellor is located. Conversion batch reactor (BR)
Continuous stirred tank reactor (CSTR)
In a CSTR liquids are mixed bij an impellor. CSTR's are put in series a lot of times as it is easier to obtain a high conversion this way. Conversion continuous stirred tank reactor (CSTR)
Plug flow reactor (PFR)
A PFR is a pipe in which liquids are being mixed. A PFR in general has a higher conversion than a CSTR if volume and flow are equal. But to achieve this volume, the pipe has to be very long which results in high friction loses. Conversion plug flow reactor (PFR)
Fluidized bed reactor (FBR)
In a FBR a liquid or gass is squeezed with such a speed through granular material so that the material is going to swirl.