Radians to degrees
This page is about how to convert radians to degrees. For converting radians to degrees, the following formula can be used: Radians to degrees
In radians, the circumference of a circle is equal to 2π. As you will probably know already, a whole revolution of a circle equals 360°. Convert radians to degrees
Sine, cosine and tangent
If you use the trigonometric functions on a calculator it is possible to enter the angles in radians. Mind that you always have to make sure you changed the angle to radians in the set up of the calculator.
  1. A pendulum rotated 0.4π rad. How many degrees is that?
  2. The wheel of a car turned 720π rad. Calculate the rotation in degrees.
  3. The slope of a line is 20°. Convert it into radians by using the formula given on this page.
  4. What is the cosine of an 0.5π rad angle?
  1. 0.4π rad is equal to 72°
  2. 720π equals 360 revolutions. 360*360° = 129600°.
  3. 20° = (1/9)π
  4. The cosine equals zero.

Now you should be able to convert radians to degrees for every angle.